Boulder City Council – Approves $415M 2020 Budget

ByGeorge Ryan|Oct 30, 2019| Local Real Estate, News

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By Sam Lounsberry – October 30, 2019

Boulder City Council gave final approval to the 2020 municipal budget Tuesday, allocating $415.2 million between 32 city funds.

The big changes that occurred during the multimeeting budgeting process included shifting $700,000 out of reserve funds to put toward transportation safety project funding, and scrapping a renovation project for the Municipal Building, 1777 Broadway.

The building improvement, which would have added a new doorway, would have cost $700,000, and that money was instead put toward filling a gap in construction costs for the North Boulder Library Branch.

The library project’s website states there is a $1 million to $1.5 million funding shortfall between completing the new branch in alignment with the community’s vision and available resources.

Staff in a memo to Council committed to providing more information related to the branch’s cost estimates, as well as a potential overage during the “adjustment to base” budgeting process in February, when additional funds can be allocated to city needs.

Officials also will follow up with Council on the city’s fire inspection program activity, ways to support the police department’s understaffed Homeless Outreach Team, how to make the Sister City Plaza more attractive to residents and visitors, as well as Boulder Municipal Airport funding and how Federal Aviation Administration grants to it could impact city initiatives.

Council also approved budgetary measures for six other public entities, including the Central Area General Improvement District, the University Hill Commercial District, the Boulder Municipal Property Authority, the Forest Glen Transit Pass General Improvement District and the Boulder Junction Access General Improvement District.

Featured in Daily Camera – Oct. 30-Nov. 5, 2019, issue

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